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Mobile Home Parks In Real Life (MHP_IRL)

Jun 15, 2019

Can you have a heart in this business? You've got to fight to keep you community safe, clean, and fair. Often times, this involves heartless decisions. On this Mid Month Wisdom, I'll talk about ways you CAN have a heart, while being fair to all.

Jun 8, 2019

I think you SHOULD get into MHPs, but with PROPER expectations. And that's why I'm here. We have a chance to usher in a new era for MHPs, and to do that, I want to provide you with the tools necessary to get started and to grow. I'll expose raw and uncomfortable realities that'll help you understand what's really going...

Jun 1, 2019

"I'm going to kill everyone in the office with my shotgun". How would you react to that? A corroborated threat turned into a test of all my skills. Listen in as I tell the tale of how my life, as well as the life of my fellow employees, was threatened. And how we escaped with our lives.